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Card Conditions

NameAlternative Name(s)DescriptionValue (approx)Images


New This card has no defects whatsoever. It is in perfect condition. 100% Front of Mint Condition Card
Back of Mint Condition Card

Near Mint

New This card is indistinguishable from a mint card unless you look extremely carefully. It has only very minor wear, which is often undetectable except by the experienced. This condition is so close to mint that many sites, including, group the two conditions together and treat them the same. 100% Front of Near Mint Condition Card
Back of Near Mint Condition Card

Lightly Played

Excellent, Very Fine This card has wear that can be seen by the untrained eye, but only a very small amount. Slight edge wear and/or minor scratches may be present, but damage is only really noticeable on close inspection. 70-90% Front of Excellent Condition Card
Back of Excellent Condition Card


Moderately Played, Fine This card has obviously been played with in an unprotected state. It will have more minor defects than a lightly played card, but no major defects. There may be quite a lot of wear on the edges and/or many scratch marks. 60-80% Front of Fine Condition Card
Back of Fine Condition Card

Heavily Played

Good This card has seen a lot of heavy use. It may have a large amount of edge wear, permanent black marks and a lot of scratches, or it may be an otherwise mint, near mint or lightly played card with one or two major defects such as water damage, a slight tear, or a noticeable crease. 30-70% Front of Good Condition Card
Back of Good Condition Card


Poor This category covers all cards which have taken more wear than a Heavily Played condition card. Damaged cards are not just visibly played and worn, they are, as the name suggests, visibly damaged. A card in this condition is usually worthless unless it is particularly rare or sought after such as a good mythic rare, Power Nine cards, and other Vintage and Legacy "high value" cards. These higher value cards will command a higher percentage sale value as well. 0-50% Front of Poor Condition Card
Back of Poor Condition Card

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