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CrossRoads at Dark Lions Pass
CrossRoads at Dark Lions Pass was intended to bring together the excitement of full RPG's and then compress it into a 2-hour block of time that did not require preparation or a Game Manager. The outcome is a cooperative yet competitive game with an RPG feel and a deep strategy element. At the same time, casual gamers may never contemplate the full strategy potential yet they will still enjoy playing it as a fast and fun RPG. 

  Players get to take on the role of a Fighter, Thief, Wizard, and Monk. You get to play each class at different times during the game. Advance your skills in each class to earn more experience during quests. The have to bid your play cards to choose your role first. Make sure to have both a strategy and a backup plan because you never know what the other players might have in mind. 

  CrossRoads immerses the player into the grand excitement of being an adventurer. As an adventurer you travel through dangerous lands while at the same time having to work within the cut-throat dynamics that would be present in a group of treasure hunters. Remember, not everyone wants to share the glory nor the treasure. 

  For more information about this game and its creator, please visit CrossRoads at Dark Lions Pass
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