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Magic The Gathering:Commander 2016Fate ReforgedMagic 2015 Core SetProphecy
10th EditionCommander's ArsenalFifth DawnMagic OriginsRavnica
4th EditionConfluxFrom the Vault: AngelsMagic Origins FoilRavnica Foil
5th EditionConspiracyFrom the Vault: DragonsMercadian MasquesReturn to Ravnica
6th EditionConspiracy FoilFrom the Vault: ExiledMercadian Masques FoilReturn to Ravnica Foil
7th EditionConspiracy: Take the CrownFrom the Vault: LegendsMirageRevised
8th EditionDark AscensionFrom the Vault: RealmsMirrodinRise of the Eldrazi
9th EditionDark Ascension FoilFrom the Vault: RelicsMirrodin BesiegedSaviors of Kamigawa
Aether RevoltDarksteelFrom the Vault: TwentyMirrodin Besieged FoilScars of Mirrodin
Alara RebornDissensionFuture SightMirrodin FoilScars of Mirrodin Foil
AlliancesDragon's MazeGatecrashModern Event Deck 2014Scourge
AlphaDragon's Maze FoilGatecrash FoilModern MastersScourge Foil
AmonkhetDragons of TarkirGuildpactModern Masters 2015Shadowmoor
AnthologiesDuel Decks: Ajani Vs. Nicol BolasGuildpact FoilModern Masters 2015 FoilShadowmoor Foil
AntiquitiesDuel Decks: Divine Vs. DemonicHomelandsModern Masters 2017Shadows Over Innistrad
ApocalypseDuel Decks: Elspeth Vs. KioraIce AgeMorningtideShards of Alara
Arabian NightsDuel Decks: Elspeth vs. TezzeretInnistradNemesisStarter 1999
ArchenemyDuel Decks: Elves Vs. GoblinsInternational Collector's EditionNew PhyrexiaStarter 2000
Avacyn RestoredDuel Decks: Garruk Vs. LilianaInvasionNew Phyrexia FoilStronghold
Avacyn Restored FoilDuel Decks: Heroes vs. MonstersInvasion FoilOath of the GatewatchTempest
Battle For ZendikarDuel Decks: Izzet Vs. GolgariJourney into NyxOdysseyThe Dark
Battle Royale Box SetDuel Decks: Jace Vs. ChandraJourney into Nyx FoilOnslaughtTheros
Beatdown Box SetDuel Decks: Jace Vs. VraskaJudgementPlanar ChaosTime Spiral
BetaDuel Decks: Knights vs. DragonsJudgement FoilPlanar Chaos FoilTorment
Betrayers of KamigawaDuel Decks: Mind Vs. MightKaladeshPlanechaseUnglued
Betrayers of Kamigawa FoilDuel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the CoalitionKhans of TarkirPlanechase 2012Unhinged
Born of the GodsDuel Decks: Sorin Vs. TibaltKhans of Tarkir FoilPlanechase AnthologyUnlimited
Born of the Gods FoilDuel Decks: Speed vs. CunningLegendsPlaneshiftUrza's Destiny
Champions of KamigawaDuel Decks: Venser Vs. KothLegionsPortalUrza's Legacy
Champions of Kamigawa FoilDuel Decks: Zendikar vs. EldraziLorwynPortal Second AgeUrza's Saga
ChroniclesDuels of the PlaneswalkersMagic 2010 Core SetPortal Three KingdomsVanguard
ColdsnapEldritch MoonMagic 2011 Core SetPremium Deck Series: Fire and LightningVisions
Collector's EditionEternal MastersMagic 2012 Core SetPremium Deck Series: GravebornWeatherlight
CommanderEternal Masters FoilMagic 2013 Core SetPremium Deck Series: SliversWorldwake
Commander 2013EventideMagic 2014 Core SetPromoWorldwake Foil
Commander 2014ExodusMagic 2014 Core Set FoilPromotional CardsZendikar
Commander 2015Fallen Empires
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